CAA Current Internal & External Activities:

Provision of Admixture related talks for:

Concrete Society local meetings.
ICE meetings.
Consultants and Contractors internal training.
University concrete technology courses

Representing the Admixture Industry:

At national level in Government, eg DWI, DTLR, BSI.
Industry level including, BRE, Concrete Society.
Concrete Sustainability Forum.

British and European Standards:

BS 517/3 meetings and support
CEN TC104/SC3 meetings and support
European standards have replaced most British Admixture Standards and cover admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout:

  • Require implementation of systems for CE marking of Admixtures.
  • Require regular revision, updating and extension.

Contributing to development of other British and European concrete standards

CAA Guidelines and Information:

CAA Admixture Information Sheets (AIS)
CAA Admixture Technical Sheets (ATS)
CAA Admixture Environmental Sheets (AES)
Guidelines on use of admixtures for special purposes.

CAA Quality Scheme:

Development and promotion of the CAA Quality Scheme for members.

Concrete Society:

Supporting and contributing to new or revised Technical Reports
CAA is represented on the Materials Group


Supporting the Concrete Industry Sustainable Construction Forum by providing admixture industry Key Performance data and other information to demonstrate the value of concrete as a sustainable construction material.

European Regulatory monitoring:

Construction Products in contact with Drinking Water.
REACH proposals on chemicals.
Mandate on Regulated Dangerous Substances.