CAA Council

Establishes and implements policy, promotes admixture use, manages its committees, task groups and finances.

Role Incumbent
The Chairman: Chris Beck – Cementaid
Vice Chairman: Neil Dowie – CEMEX Admixtures


CAA Technical Committee

Supports work on UK and European Standards, Codes and Certification. Promotes improvements in technical information, quality control and level of technical support provided by CAA members.

Role Incumbent
The Chairman of the TC: Neil Dowie – CEMEX Admixtures


CAA Secretary

The CAA secretary is the only paid post. The secretary’s’ role is to organise and minute meetings, control finances, provide a focal point for information and advice to external organisations or individuals, and co-ordinate day to day running of the Association. The secretary also represents the CAA on a number of external concrete related committees.

Role Incumbent Contact Details
The Secretary: Trevor Grounds Trevor Grounds
Phone: 07702 635231