The CAA has cooperated with EFCA to produce 6 Generic or Model EPD conforming to the requirements of EN 15804 covering the main admixture types supplied in the UK.

These EPDs have been verified as being in compliance with EN 15804 and ISO 14025 and published by the independent Institute for Construction and Environment in Germany (IBU). These EPD are available for download below.

There are specific criteria for claiming compliance with these EPD and only the following CAA members have the information to do this: BASF, Cementaid, Cemex, Christeyns, GCP Applied Technologies, Sika.

CAA members must assess the impact of each component of each admixture formulation against IBU guidelines by type and content to produce a total impact score which must fall within set limits before EPD compliance for a named product can be claimed.

Compliance means that the life cycle assessment data and other content of the Model EPD apply to these named products and may be used for sustainability assessment of the construction products and construction projects, in which they are used.

The CAA member must produce an EPD declaration of conformity for each named product for which compliance is claimed and users should obtain a copy of this declaration before using the data in the EPD.